Food Bowl B2B and B2C marketing campaigns

This B2B and B2C marketing campaign promoted FOOD BOWL, a new, innovative food event debuting in Chicago. FOOD BOWL showcases the distinct tastes and flavors of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods with hundreds of creative, innovative and exciting events throughout the city. I was responsible for creating the FOOD BOWL branding and B2B campaign design concept which prompted those in the food industry to participate in Food Bowl. Utilizing my brand standards, our creative director designed the concept for the B2C event marketing portion of the campaign promoting ticket sales. I worked with our creative director in applying his concept to a portion of the campaign deliverables.

  • ClientTribune Events Group
  • IndustryFood/Culinary
  • ServicesDesign, Email Development, WordPress Website
  • MediaPrint, Email, Website
Indusrty Launch Party Brochure

A FOOD BOWL kickoff party was held to formally introduce notable personalities in the food industry to the new event concept and gain their interest in participating. A take-away brochure was created for the launch party. To catch people's attention and have it stand out as a memorable piece, a unique custom fold and square format were utilized. When fully unfolded, one side features a spread of beautiful food photography, while the other side explains FOOD BOWL in detail, providing all of the need to know event facts and how to get involved.

Business Card

Custom FOOD BOWL business cards were created for event planners. A circle format was used to mimic the shape of a bowl and cleverly associate to the name of the event. The card front prominently features the event logo and hashtag set on the bold brand blue with personal contact information elegantly laid out on the reverse.

Email Marketing

A targeted series of emails was used to engage the recipients with unique and varied content with the goal of deepening interest and building commitment to FOOD BOWL events. I was responsible for both designing and coding these responsive emails. The campaign concept was thoughtfully carried through to each email, adapting the design and layout accordingly based on content. This portion of the campaign proved to be a successful marking initiative, as FOOD BOWL website page views increased each day an email was deployed.

CTA Transit Ads

Utilizing both of the established FOOD BOWL campaign concepts, I created two ad designs for placement in CTA train cars and on station platforms. These ads proved to be a success as there was a direct increase in website traffic once they were in market.


The website was designed to introduce and excite Chicagoans about FOOD BOWL as well as showcase and promote ticket sales to over 100 individual events. I assisted with site design as well as site maintenance and updates in WordPress.