Suburban Tribune

Chicago Tribune suburban publications rebrand

This marketing initiative promoted Chicago Tribune’s 39 suburban newspaper publications through a multi-channel ad campaign, centralized website, and creation of a new, more relatable brand name — Suburban Tribune. The campaign helped raise consumer awareness of these local suburban publications and communicate their value to consumers in order to acquire new subscribers. Within 5 months of the campaign being in market, the number of new publication subscriptions exceeded the total number acquired over the past 2 years.

Print Ads and Email

The campaign connected with consumers through use of an emotional tone and concept of neighborhood to showcase the publications' focus on valuable, quality, local journalism that brings them closer to their community. My design and image selection complimented the campaign tone and product value focus through use of custom graphics to highlight benefits, and use of hand-writing style typography to bring a human connection to the ad.

Digital Ads and Billboards

The campaign messaging and design was simplified for digital ads and billboards. I created a custom map graphic with pins indicating the large number of areas Suburban Tribune publications reach across Chicagoland. The design was also flexible, allowing for customizaton to highlight specific areas in geo-targeted billboard placements.


My campaign design was carried through to the Suburban Tribune website by our creative director/developer. The site provided a streamlined method for consumers to easily locate the correct publication based on their suburban location, access editorial content, view publication benefits, and purchase a subscription.